Continuity with "continueds" from Scrivener to Final Draft

In an earlier post, we discussed the use of mores and continueds in your script. Here's how to type your script in Scrivener for correct formatting later in Final Draft.
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I challenge you to a dual! Formatting dual dialogue in your script

Sometimes you write dialogue so good, that two characters need to say it at the same time. In your script, this is accomplished using dual dialogue. Here's how to format your double-speak in Scrivener, Final Draft, and other screenwriting software.

Are you still talking? The use of continueds in your script

Hello, Character. It's me, your writer. First, let me say that your dialogue sounds snappy and authentic. Awesome. But, there is some stage business I need you to do, and it needs to happen right here. Yes, it's important. You can keep talking as soon as you're done. Thanks, I appreciate it. Okay, that's all I needed. Carry on.
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Why is Courier the standard font for scriptwriting?

Everyone knows that if you write and format a script, you do it in Courier. It's the industry standard for both stage and screenwriting. But why?
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