Hexcellent news: the Mac color picker finally speaks hexidecimal

Don't let the crayons fool you, the Mac's color panel is quite useful. Built-in and custom palettes, sliders, mix on a color wheel, generate a palette from an image, click-sample anything on your screen, and save any color as a swatch for later use. Party in a panel, amiright? And it's system-wide, so you can take your colors and saved swatches across apps.

But if you work in code, the limited "web-safe" palette was your only option with hexadecimal values. That would have been fine, if it was still 1996. There were copy/paste workarounds if you had the right apps, but that was a hassle.
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Back in 2014, I wrote about a great little plugin I'd found, called Hex Color Picker. Actually, I hadn't known the OS X color panel could have plugins, so it was a double surprise. Hex Color Picker added a tab to the color panel that displayed the hex code for whatever color was currently selected.
You may have noticed the past tense there — sadly, the developer wasn't able to continue devoting time to his various projects, and Hex Color Picker became abandonware. It still works, maybe, depending which version of OS X you have and which sign was rising at the time you were born.
But with the release of OS X El Capitan, Apple finally added native support for hex codes in the color panel! It's tucked away in the sliders tab, and you have to be using the RGB Sliders to see it.
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It's not much to look at, but hey, it works. You can select, mix, or sample any color and get the hex value right here. Combining this with the palettes, mix options, and especially the eyedropper and swatch slots, we have a pretty great little color workshop to play with.

There now. #FF7F00 you glad you clicked through this post?

Cue applause, and fade to #000000.
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