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what's in my dock

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Outline, organize, storyboard, write, format, in a single unified workspace. Scrivener is brilliant. It works the way you need it to. And the more you use it, the more you realize it can do. If you're a writer, I can't recommend this highly enough.
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Final Draft

I use Final Draft not because it's the 800-pound gorilla (it is), but because it plays very nicely with Scrivener. I don't do much actual writing in it, mostly just final formatting on scripts exported from Scrivener. But it's the industry standard for a reason -- it's solid, professional, and powerful.
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The ultimate outliner. Formatting, fonts, templates, custom columns, audio & video -- pretty much anything you want to put in an outline, you can.
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The Hit List

Lightning-fast outlining and checklists. THL is actually a full-featured task management system, but it's also a great no-frills outliner and brain dump.
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I use MacJournal as an organizer. I've got "journals" for each of my sites and projects, where I can take notes and find them fast. Kind of a more user-friendly nValt. Evernote can do web clipping and all that stuff, but MacJournal works great for me.
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Default Folder X

Adds a menu to open/save dialogs, so you're just a click away from recently-used or favorite folders. You won't believe how much time this saves. And you won't know how you lived without it.
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XtraFinder is a Finder replacement -- it adds indispensable features and abilities to the Finder like a tabbed and paned interface, color icons in the sidebar (THANK YOU THANK YOU), and my personal co-favorite, displaying folders at the top of a directory (instead of buried in the list of files). It runs as a shell over the original Finder, no hacking required, and is a MUCH better user experience.
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Yoink is sweet. Whenever you click-drag something, Yoink pops a little shelf out on the side of your screen. You drag stuff into it, and it sits there quietly until you're ready to drag things out -- into apps, between disks, from the Finder, whatever. I use this constantly. In fact, I Yoinked that Yoink logo right there.
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Keeps your Mac from auto-dimming or going to sleep. And it's free. Pour me some RIGHT NOW
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A text expander will make your Mac life so much easier. And if you're coding, even more so much easier. aText is terrific, and it's a real bargain.
My review of aText
aText Website
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Evernote bought Skitch and ruined it. MonoSnap is a great alternative, with clever annotation features. And it's free. Snap!
web | design
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Rapidweaver is amazing web design. There are over 1000 plugins to do almost anything. It is powerful under the hood. And it's all built on CSS, so advanced designers can dive into the code as deep as you want. I'm in this app every day, and absolutely love it.
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CSSEdit / Espresso

MacRabbit's CSSEdit revolutionized working with CSS code. I've used it for years. Now, CSSEdit has been integrated into Espresso, their impressive suite of web design applications.
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TextWrangler, from Bare Bones Software, is indeed pretty bare-bones. But it's a very capable HTML editor, and it's also free.
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Affinity Photo

Serif made a big splash when they released Affinity Photo, which had been in development (and beta) for years. It was worth the wait. This is a powerful image editing application, rivaling and surpassing Photoshop in many ways. (One of which is price -- Affinity Photo is a one-time purchase, not a greedy subscription.) Serif continues to improve and add features, and they are very responsive to their users.
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Affinity Designer

After they rocked the Mac world with Affinity Photo, Serif announced that they were working on a vector design app. When they released Affinity Designer, people lost their freaking minds. As with Photo, Affinity Designer blows Illustrator out of the water in a number of features, including its brilliant UI. And it is also a one-time price. I'm using Designer now more than Illustrator, and am loving it.
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I use it and like it, but no way would I pay money every month for it. CS6 for me, thanks. And while Photoshop still has advantages, I'm moving more and more into Affinity Photo.